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Corrective Makeup On Droopy Eyelids

For a start try to understand why you have impending eyelid. This is directly related to the fact that muscle lifting the upper eyelid, you have weakened. As well as this may be due to the fact that the nerve that controls this muscle is broken. However, the main thing for us is to make a correction ,… Read More »

Makeup For A First Date

First date is one of the most important events in your life. On a day you have to look perfect, flawless. It is believed that men like it when a girl made ​​up a very expressive. So how to choose makeup that would surely please the young man? What to choose colors, shades, colors? We will try to… Read More »

Choosing The Right Foundation

Foundation is the best friend of the female. Foundation is able to hide small wrinkles and imperfections of your skin and annoying pimples. Your attention is given advice on how to choose the right foundation with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Choosing the right foundation Rule one: Choosing the foundation is not a sign of a number of… Read More »