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How to make eye makeup, eye makeup techniques do; Smoky eye makeup, eye makeup misty, big and small eye makeup techniques. Obsolete misty eyes you ever did see? To draw attention to the impressive and mysterious gaze try this category.

Eye Makeup With A Pattern

Absolutely all women aspire to look stunning and very different from the others by its beauty, creating a unique style. In this case, come to the aid of eye makeup with a pattern. Figure makeup is divided into three components: the drawing-abstraction, geometric and thematic. The easiest of these is, perhaps, geometric, because it can be done without… Read More »

Corrective Makeup On Droopy Eyelids

For a start try to understand why you have impending eyelid. This is directly related to the fact that muscle lifting the upper eyelid, you have weakened. As well as this may be due to the fact that the nerve that controls this muscle is broken. However, the main thing for us is to make a correction ,… Read More »

How To Paint Eyes With Mascara

Eyes always attract attention, they are the adornment of women. Therefore, correctly painted eyelashes will make your eyes more expressive and attractive. To lashes always look beautiful and well maintained, it is necessary to follow some rules. The first thing to be able to choose the right and the right mascara, the tool should be of high quality… Read More »

How To Correctly And Beautifully Plucked Eyebrows

When work is passed on correspondence modeling eyebrows, before the process itself should take into account several factors. Do not engage in plucking during the cycle, the female body is suffering, it is very sensitive to all artificial interventions, in this situation it is better to move all of the procedures at the end of the cycle. Pull… Read More »

Perfect Makeup For Brown-Eyed Girl

Girls with brown eyes are very lucky by nature, because they look pretty expressive even without makeup. A properly inflicted shadow and mascara will make the image even more luxurious. For a classic make-up brown-eyed girls should use eyeliner. It can be created using a regular eyeliner or a special liquid eyeliner. What to choose from these funds,… Read More »

Fashion Trends 2014 Eye Makeup

Beautiful eye makeup – this is very important as a woman absolutely any age and style. Whatever the case, it must be adequate and appropriate. On holiday or carnival – bright. The business style – restrained. In everyday – easy and natural. Eyes voluntarily or involuntarily pay attention at all times. With excellent make-up on them just do… Read More »

How To Choose Color For Eye Makeup

Depending on the color of your eyes and form, with the help of make-up girl can accentuate their natural beauty, and may instead create a McCoy that it is not suitable. On the eye makeup influence hair color and style of dress. Makeup – a kind of make-up, applying makeup on your face in order to hide its… Read More »

How To Do Beautiful Eye Makeup Yourself

If the eyes are beautifully decorated, the person acquires expressiveness, and the image – perfection. A girl can create a holiday or everyday makeup – whatever it was, it must be carried out very carefully. To mascara and shadow kept as long as possible, you need to prepare the skin, it needs to give preference to high-quality products… Read More »

Methods For Applying Eye Shadow

Makeup in the area under the eyebrow, you should use one of the lightest shades and hues. This place should be visually in second place after age, the painted shadows. Man looking in his eyes, must first pay attention to the eyelids and eyelashes, and then focus on the area under the brow and eyebrows themselves. Therefore it… Read More »

How To Pluck Eyebrows Painlessly?

Perhaps around the globe there is not a single modern woman who, at least, did not think about how to pluck eyebrows. And each, even hearsay, knows what it is painful and unpleasant process, and here as in most complex dramas, can not do without tears. But as in any technique, then there are subtleties and tricks. After… Read More »