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For centuries, long eyelashes beautiful and always have been attracted to men. Unfortunately, everyone can not have longer lashes in a natural way and for some women to have longer eyelashes are in need of a little help. Previously glaucoma (eye wall inner surface under a pressure and this pressure is progressively increased glaucoma or black water is called.) Disease for the treatment of some new methods lashes enlarge poss ble. If you want to thicken your lashes grow naturally have to wait a bit because this process can take up to 4 weeks. To have a longer and thicker lashes, there are some instructions you need to follow.

Almond Oil For Eyelashes

Almond oil is a very effective means of stimulating the growth of eyelashes, among all the available natural oils. Buy this oil already in finished form at the drugstore in different dosages. It is completely non-toxic and has no contraindications, it does not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Often in advertisements carcasses show thick and luxurious lashes. When… Read More »

How To Make White Eyelashes At Home?

In its quest to be beautiful women do not stop at nothing. Modern good cosmetology allow each of the fair sex to be yourself while making a highlight in the appearance of at least a daily basis! White eyelashes is one of the unusual decisions in the make-up. Why do you can change in the usual colors of… Read More »

How To Glue False Eyelashes

Therefore, do not spend money on anything that will make them even more glowing, expressive and beautiful. Help to make expressive look, first of all, eyebrows and eyelashes. Correction of eyebrows can change the face dramatically. No less attention to the eyes attract lashes. If you – the owner of the long and thick eyelashes, you can consider… Read More »

Artificial Silk Eyelash Extensions

Very well, if in addition to all the beautiful nature of the gifts bestowed upon female is also very fluffy and long eyelashes. However, if for one reason or another long lashes did not get her, she should not despair. All in the hands of a beautician, expressive eyes, framed by fluffy eyelashes as well. You just need… Read More »

Technology Of Eyelashes

Fluffy, long eyelashes are the dream of almost all of the fairer sex. Eyes, which are framed in such immediately become hypnotic magnetism and expressiveness. We know a lot of methods that help achieve this effect: the use of new carcass, everyday use of castor oil, wearing false eyelashes. Yet the effect of these methods is not very… Read More »

Masks For Strengthen Eyelashes

Eyelashes is the very important feature of any representatives of the beautiful women. In order to create a distinctive look, she should take care of the health and beauty of the eyelashes, which ideally should be thick and long enough. Not all people are by nature beautiful cilia, so you need to use the optimal way to help… Read More »

Mascara – All You Need To Know About It?

Mascara is a women cosmetic product that used to eyelashes. In order to get the long, thick eyelashes and expressive, women around the world have many years of use mascara. However, if all you know about this wonderful product cosmetology? How to apply mascara? One of the most common questions is how to apply mascara ? And the… Read More »

How to Paint Eyelashes

If you know how to paint the lashes, you can get a gorgeous effect even from low-cost ink. The first thing to pick up ink and brush that is right for you. Basically, waterproof mascara can be removed using a special lotion. Minus a carcass that she spreads during any contact with the water, so when you visit… Read More »

Colouring of Eyelashes

Women regularly resorted to coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. For this there are two possibilities: tinting using conventional dyes and chemical makeup. Let us dwell on the coloring of eyelashes, as this is the most important aspect. The simplest and most common way is, of course, dyeing the eyelashes with mascara. This can make every woman in the home.… Read More »

Mascara – Color and Texture

Not so long ago, all women, whether they are blondes, brunettes and redheads, choosing mascara in black. Today, the choice of colors is huge carcass. The large-scale, almost wholesale cosmetics in retail stores provides us with you a huge selection of funds. Fashion demands that were lush lashes, and their color can depend on hair color, shade, clothing… Read More »