Best Tips Autumn Face Masks

Post-summer changes in the weather have the biggest impact on our face, as it is unprotected from the elements. In autumn we often notice that our skin is paler. dryer and has less shine. But never fear, protecting your skin is easy with these natural and practical face masks that can be made from ingredients that are easily… Read More »

Realizing The Power Of Earth Colors

if you want to make te most of the power of earthy tones, you might want to combine this knitted sweater by Banana Republic (1) with these bootleg trousers by Fabrika (2). This chunky belt by Brooks Brothers (3) and Dior’s elegant hat (4) are just some of the season’s trendy accessories that will perfectly complete your style.… Read More »

The Secret Of A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful white smile framed by neatly painted lips, is a real gem of ladies. However, to achieve a dazzling whiteness and smoothness teeth toothpaste alone can not do. Often have to resort to such services dentists as dental implants, installing braces, teeth whitening, as well as to carry out special procedures, although in the home, you can… Read More »

How To Do Makeup For A Square Face

Some women have a square face shape. When they create a make-up, they are trying to give it a more elegant and soft form, trying to make the face more feminine and soft. There is a special make-up designed for this face shape. With it you can make a rough facial features desired look. This face shape has… Read More »

How To Do Makeup For Oval Face

All of the fair sex are well aware that in order to create the most effective way, you need to put make-up on all the rules. At first the girl must determine the type of make-up: day or night, natural or bright. Next you need to determine the type of person. Most beautiful and most common is the… Read More »

How To Select A Night Cream For You

The most favorable time for the effects of cosmetics is the night. But not all women care for the skin before going to bed, using a night cream and all stages of proper care, thus they lose the chance to make your skin healthy and beautiful. At night, there is an active skin renewal. The whole body is… Read More »

How To Paint Eyes With Mascara

Eyes always attract attention, they are the adornment of women. Therefore, correctly painted eyelashes will make your eyes more expressive and attractive. To lashes always look beautiful and well maintained, it is necessary to follow some rules. The first thing to be able to choose the right and the right mascara, the tool should be of high quality… Read More »

How To Do The Correct Day Makeup

Any makeup is an art, but it is possible to learn any woman. And every day to look like a million, we will tell you the 5 secrets correct day makeup. Since your creation surrounding appreciate the sunshine, make sure that the place where you apply makeup, was brightly lit. In this case, you’ll see all the flaws… Read More »

How To Make White Eyelashes At Home?

In its quest to be beautiful women do not stop at nothing. Modern good cosmetology allow each of the fair sex to be yourself while making a highlight in the appearance of at least a daily basis! White eyelashes is one of the unusual decisions in the make-up. Why do you can change in the usual colors of… Read More »

How To Correctly And Beautifully Plucked Eyebrows

When work is passed on correspondence modeling eyebrows, before the process itself should take into account several factors. Do not engage in plucking during the cycle, the female body is suffering, it is very sensitive to all artificial interventions, in this situation it is better to move all of the procedures at the end of the cycle. Pull… Read More »